New Guests

Palace Pass

This popular activity allows your pet to “Test Drive” The Pet Palace and gives us time to get to know your pet and observe them either in a group or individual basis. Many times, your pet's only opportunity to leave the comfort of home, especially in their formative first few months of life, are trips to the veterinarian’s office. We can all relate to going to the Doctor. With that in mind, our goal is that they come to see that this is a place they enjoy and want to frequent. Our Meet & Greet opportunity alleviates any anxiety that may occur for you and your pet before they board with us. Vaccination Records and the Pet Palace Guest Profile are required prior to admittance. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!


Our minimum age for boarding is 4 months. If you have a puppy requiring boarding younger than 4 months, inquire about our isolation options. Please review the vaccination requirements to ensure your pet is up to date and aware of any changes to the criteria. We reserve the right to refuse admission of excessively difficult or aggressive pets or pets exhibiting signs of illness. Additional fees will be charged for handling difficult or aggressive pets and females in heat. Pets found to have signs of fleas or ticks will be treated immediately at the owners‘ expense. We highly recommend taking advantage of our Free Meet & Greet option if you have any behavioral concerns with admission.