Summer Dog Grooming Tips

dog dressed for summer

During the heat of the summer, our first instinct as pet owners is to keep our furry friends as cool and comfortable as possible. Just looking at our dogs and their full-time fur coats makes us start to sweat in sympathy. Have you ever wondered if they’d be cooler without all that fur? Actually, a…

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Book Your Summer Dog Boarding Today

happy dog sitting under a camping tent

It’s going to be summer before we know it, and vacation planning is already a hot topic! Whether you’re headed to the beach, the mountains, grandma’s house or an exotic destination, we know that figuring out what’s best for your fur babies while you’re away is a top priority. Deciding to leave town without them…

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House Training a Puppy

puppy potty training

 The process of potty training a puppy can be simple but isn’t necessarily easy. Knowing the basic guidelines and common methods will help you guide your puppy to becoming fully house trained and grow your relationship in the process. Key ideas include the following: Establish a routine. Most dogs thrive on routine, especially when it…

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Spring Into Travel Season

dog in car with family

Spring is in the air! And soon many travelers will also be in the air or on the road, as people shake off the winter blues and embrace the joys of spring. With schools on spring break and plenty of annual events taking place, it’s a busy time of year for our dog boarding and…

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February is Pet Dental Health Month

Valentine dog

We usually think of celebrations in February that feature hearts, candy and flowers. Now you can add teeth to that list! Your pet’s teeth, that is. We celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month each February as a reminder to practice good oral hygiene with our pets every day. Not only can you save your dog…

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