Dog Boarding

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Luxury Dog Boarding

At The Pet Palace, you will find we have an “Everything’s Included” philosophy. Our spacious modern facility provides everything needed to be healthy and happy and ensures your pet feels like the top dog during their vacation. Every guest receives the “Royal Treatment.” The following amenities are included daily during your pets stay:

● Maid service

● Raised beds

● Fresh water

● Soothing music

● Climate controlled suite

● Room service

● Of course, TLC!

We offer discounts for families with multiple dogs sharing the same accommodations, extended stays, and military and senior citizen discounts.

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Check-in and Check-out

Our boarding rates follow a typical hotel structure:

● Check-in time is after 1pm Monday through Friday, Saturday 8:30am - 10am or 3:30pm - 5pm, and Sunday between 5pm - 6pm with expedited check-in. Earlier arrival options are available with a day fee. The day fee is waived for those participating in community play on day of arrival.

● Check-out time is at noon Monday through Friday; Saturday 8:30am - 10am or 3:30pm - 5pm, Sunday 4pm - 6pm.  Late departures can be accommodated for with a day fee. If a guest has a spa appointment or community play on departure, the late check-out fee will be waived.

Owners can select from a variety of spacious accommodations that mirrors a just-like-home feeling.

Boarding Packages

Royal VIP (Very Important Pet) Suites (6×8)

These suites are for the pet that prefers a luxurious at-home environment. Each is uniquely decorated with a ceiling fan, flat-screen TV, individual lighting, and glass doors. It is the red carpet treatment all the way. Choose from Queen size indoor suites or King size indoor suites with K-9 Grass and an outdoor semi-covered patio (6 x 10). Both options allow plenty of room for a multi-pet family.

In/Out Suites

Everyone knows going on vacation and sitting in the hotel room all day would not be fun. With this in mind, we were able to accommodate a limited number of suites with in/out privileges. These are great for the dogs that are accustomed to this option, or that spend much of their time outdoors during the day on a regular basis. It is also a good option for those who might need to potty more frequently.

Standard Quiet Suites

Located in our VIP area, these are perfect for those babies who are more comfortable with a secluded peaceful retreat. Also a nice option for geriatric canines 7-15 lbs. Whether the room hosts a single pet or multiple pets, the maximum total dog weight per room is limited to 15 lbs.

Junior Quiet Suites

Located in our VIP area, these are perfect for Teacups or those babies who are more comfortable with a secluded peaceful retreat. An ideal suite for pets 7-10 lbs, as well as a nice option for geriatric canines. The maximum total dog weight limit per room is 10 lbs.

Junior Suite (4×4)

These suites are perfect for the smaller breed pets 10-40 lbs. The total dog weight per room cannot exceed 40 lbs.

Standard Suite (4×8)

These suites provide plenty of room for any average to large-size pet or small-breed pet family. These are perfect for pets or multi-pet families under 100 lbs. The maximum total dog weight per room is 100 lbs.

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  • Daycare

  • Treats

  • Peace of Mind

  • Individual Playtime

  • Cuddle and Storytime

  • Birthday and Gotcha Day Party

  • Brain Games

  • Puppy Postcard

  • Additional Potty Walks

  • Swimming

  • Shuttle Service

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● Dogs are required to have the following vaccines: distemper, rabies, influenza, and bordetella (every 6 months)

● Please do not bring rawhides, beds with stuffing, and bowls. You can bring blankets & sheets.

● You may bring up to 3 toys

● All dogs must be current on agreements and vaccines, and be controlled (on leash, in kennel, etc.)

● Dogs must attend at least once every 30 days or a reevaluation fee may apply $15

Boarding Services

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Exercise Runs & Play Areas

We feel outside time is very important for the overall health and attitude of your pet. For those pets that have In/Out options, they are free to come and go from 6:45 am – 7:45 pm every day at their leisure. Pets with inside-only accommodations will be taken out for 3 potty breaks each day.

The Pet Palace has numerous play yards.  Sizes vary from the smaller yards to those which nicely accommodate families with two or more large breed pets!

In addition, there are two yards dedicated specifically for Community Play which are currently available Monday – Saturday and by appointment on Sundays for Boarding and Grooming dogs who are approved for a community play environment.  Activity Packages are always encouraged especially for puppies and active pets, as this help to burn off pent-up energy, provide mental stimulation, and much-needed daily exercise.

Fluffy Dog meds

Room Service

Your pet on their regular diet is always recommended especially for puppies and those on prescription diets.

When packing your pet's food, remember to package each day's feeding in zip-lock baggies. If they eat 2 times per day, or you have multiple pets in the same suite eating the same food, both portions can be placed in 1 bag per day. Please label with “pets name” and “meal date” to ensure enough food is packed. Every pet is provided a food/treat bin in which zip-locks fit nicely. Due to lack of additional storage space, as well as to ensure the correct quantity of food, we cannot accept bags/containers of dog food for stays less than 10 days.

House food meals are served in the evening unless they are a puppy. Arrangements can be made if your pet is on a specific food/schedule or has special needs such as medications with food.

Keep in mind, it is recommended you limit the amount of food you provide your pet on the day of arrival and upon returning home as these are both exciting times for your pet. The excitement might cause your dog to pant a lot and become thirsty. Give a few ice cubes to hold them over till feeding time. In a happy excited state, excessive food and water consumption can create an upset tummy.

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All accommodations receive frequent maid services to ensure clean suites and fresh water throughout the day. We provide raised beds or linens for all our guests. If you know your pet is a chewer, please let us know upon check-in so we can remove items to avoid charges for destructive behavior.


For those that want to make Fido’s stay extra special browse through our list of “Snacktivities” for in-between meal treats that will provide your pet with a healthy snack as well as entertainment. Or choose from our endless selection of healthy and natural treat options upon arrival in our Emporium. Please note, due to the health implications, and possible choking hazards “Raw Hides” will not be accepted nor do we sell them in our Emporium.


Everyone enjoys a snack now and then, especially when it is served on a silver platter. Check out our Snactivity options. You are sure to find a special treat to put a smile on your furry friend's face!

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Medications included in your pre-portioned ziplock of kibble for daily feeding will be free of charge. Should your monthly Heart-Worm preventative fall during a stay and can be placed in your pet’s feeding bowl, we are happy to administer at no charge. Other Oral and Topical Medications can be administered for a small fee. See our FAQs and Medication Form for more information.

VIP Combo Packages

Companion animals are likely to become infected with parasites at some point in their lives. If left undetected and untreated, they will affect a pet's well-being – from simply being irritating to causing a variety of life-threatening conditions. Some parasites can even infect and transmit disease to humans, with children being an especially vulnerable target! Parasites don't discriminate; both indoor and outdoor pets are at risk.

It's always better to prevent than to treat parasitic illness. That's why we recommend regular testing for internal parasites as well as heartworm and tick-borne diseases. The presence of one or more of these illnesses can be determined through bloodwork, and we recommend all pets have this test performed on an annual basis so any detected problems can receive immediate intervention.

Combination activity/snacktivity packages are available to ensure your pets’ vacation is Paw’stively the best! Visit the VIP Package page to find out more about the options available.

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Peace of Mind

This program is only for pets while boarding and excludes pets while in daycare, grooming, and training guests. The Pet Palace will pay up to $500 for any Veterinary care provided by a licensed Veterinarian for the care or treatment of the boarded pet for any injury or sickness incurred while the pet is boarding at The Pet Palace should it be required and determined to be related to their stay. Expiration is 5 days from pet’s departure. All claims must be submitted within 7 days from the pet’s departure date.

This program does NOT COVER the following items as these are beyond control of The Pet Palace:

● Pre-existing health conditions, injury, illness, or death resulting from incidents occurring before arrival date

● Age-related illness

● Gastric dilation-volvulus (Bloat)

● Canine Cough, Canine Influenza / Upper Respiratory related illnesses

● Injury, illness, or death resulting from community play

● Injury, illness, or death resulting from pets sharing a run at Owner’s request

● Injury, illness, or death resulting from war or act of God