Pet Grooming

Black and brown dog in a bath licking their lips.

The Pet Palace Spa

Groomers can help you determine which services are right for your pet. All Spa Baths include Bows or Bandanas and Cologne upon request.

Rates are based on breed type/size and condition of coat. Call for an estimate. Services are offered Monday – Saturday, excluding major holidays.

Brush and Go

Perfect for those pets who don’t engage in all the outside activities which generally require a full bath. Our Mini Spa Session provides a complete brushing and “waterless” bath treatment. This is also perfect for those pets who have just experienced surgery and are unable to be bathed.

$12 and up

Wash and Go Bath

This “mini Bath” experience includes shampoo, Hydro-surge bathing system, brush, and blow out.

$25 and up 

Deluxe Bath

We begin with a nail trim and ear cleaning then on to Hydro-surge bathing experience, blow out, and thorough brushing.

$31 and up

Spa Packages


Includes: Blueberry Facial Scrub, Nail & Paw Treatment, Specialty Shampoo, Conditioner.


Includes: Blueberry Facial Scrub, Nail & Paw Treatment, Specialty Shampoo, Conditioner.


Includes: Blueberry Facial Scrub , Specialty Shampoo, Conditioner.

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A-la-Carte Spa Services

● Anal Gland Expression

● Ear Cleaning – includes the removal of excess hair

● Nail Trim

● Nail Smoothing / Grinding – allow the nails to be as short and smooth as possible

● Nail Polishing – choose from a selection of daily and holiday colors

● Paw Pad & Nail Conditioning Treatment

● Hair Coloring

● Healthy Skin & Coat – Deep Conditioning Treatment

● Blueberry Facial Scrub – revitalizes the hair and skin, helps reduce tear stains, and leaves your pet's face clean and fresh

● Anti-Itch Treatment – Medicated shampoo is used during the bathing process to minimize dry itchy skin associated with flea bites, seborrhea, or hot spots.

● De-Flea Treatment – Natural Flea Bath and Capstar oral tablets are given to eliminate fleas on your dog or cat.

● De-Matting Treatment – Includes Conditioning treatment and 30 min of brushing

● De-Shedding Treatment – Dead hair and dander from your pet is removed during this process limiting the shedding in your home and car between spa visits. The treatments do not stop the natural shedding process, nor is this a one-time cure. This treatment is in conjunction with the regular grooming process. A must for those that suffer from allergies. When treatments are scheduled every 4-6 weeks your home will be virtually hair and dander free. Includes Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment & 20 extra minutes of brushing.

● De-Skunking Treatment – Please do not bathe prior to bringing pet in

● Fresh Breath Treatment – This treatment helps to maintain your pet’s dental health between veterinarian cleanings. Includes Teeth Brushing, Fresh Breath Instant Foam & Daily Grin Treat to take home.

● Specialty Shampoos – Hypo-Allergenic, Oatmeal, Color Enhancing (Whitening or Brightening for black coats), Green Bulldog, and Medicated shampoos are all available.

● Soft Paws – Full Set & Owner supplied application available.

Border collie being combed.
Woman giving a haircut to a brown dog.

Pet Styling

For those pets whose coats need more than just a bath, our groomers can accommodate your needs from puppy cuts, and standard breed cuts to show cuts. Every pet is sure to feel like a top dog with the royal treatment they receive while in the spa.

Rates are based on breed type and condition of coat. Call for an estimate.

Maintenance Groom

Includes: shampoo, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and clean up of hair around face, feet, and potty areas.

Full Groom

Includes: shampoo, blow dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning, as well as a complete haircut.