Palace Staff

The staff is the backbone of The Pet Palace. We have been blessed to have built a team of professional pet lovers with skills that have set us apart from all others. From veterinarian technicians, trainers, groomers, zoo keepers, search and rescue & recovery experience, we have a well-rounded knowledgeable group of staff. Ongoing training is imperative for our team to keep current on certificates and new techniques. Our staff is also cross-trained so they are able to help out in any situation that may arise due to staff illness etc.

Vicie Richardson – Front Desk Representative

Adam – Daycare, Lead Staff Kennel

Emily D – Pet Food Specialist, Trainer

Emily M. – Pet Care Specialist, Pet First Aid-CPR Certified

Emily W. – Spa Groomer Pet First Aid-CPR Certified

Heather H. – Daycare, Lead Staff Kennel

Julissa R. – Bather

Kristin – Front Desk Representative

Sharon M. – Daycare

Tracy L. – Spa Groomer