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Whether you've got a pup that is working on learning the basics or an older dog that's a seasoned pro, our dog training services at Pet Palace can have many great benefits! Not only will they become a better listener, but even the simplest tools can help a dog succeed and feel confident in varying situations. And you’ll be amazed at how your bond with your furry family member strengthens when you speak each other’s language. With several convenient training options and packages that can be customized to meet your needs, our trainer is here to help you and your pup! We even offer free phone consultation evaluations to help you choose what class(es) would be the best fit!

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Group Dog Training Classes

Basic Training

This class is designed for dogs of all ages. We cover relationship issues, proper socialization, games/puzzles, setting up the recall, leash walking, feeding, and nutrition. You will leave this class with an understanding of basic pack behavior, which gives you a foundation for encouraging the behaviors you want and discouraging those that you don’t.

Class meets 1.5 hrs. / week for 6-7 weeks.

Advanced / Canine Good Citizen Prep

This class prepares you and your dog for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. CGC is a certification program that is designed to reward dogs that have good manners at home and in the community. The CGC Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for the owners and basic good manners for dogs. There are 10 different tasks that your dog will be required to perform under your direction, from walking through a crowd to nailing a perfect recall. All dogs that pass the CGC test will receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club.

Class meets 1.5 hrs. / week for 7 weeks including testing and graduation.

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Puppy Training

“Wouldn’t it be nice if your pet would…"

● Walk on a loose leash

● Walk through a crowd of people without being out of control

● Sit or lie down on command

● Come without being called repeatedly

● React appropriately when approached by another dog

● Enjoy a game or puzzle when home alone rather then destroy something they shouldn’t

Have you attended Training Class after Training Class only to be left feeling that you’re really not much better off than before?

If so, you can feel confident The Pet Palace will be your last stop… We have a proven track record of success with all breeds & levels of training.

The Pet Palace approaches training a little differently than what you may be accustomed to. We start from the inside out. We do not wrestle dogs to the ground to establish the role of pack leader, nor do we use shock, pinch collars, other extraneous devices, or violent methods used to whip dogs into submission as quickly as possible as some have recommended. Nor do we sell any of the above in our retail store. Although for some of the training skills we do make use of treats our main focus is on positive reinforcement and more importantly building a strong emotional bond between you and your pet. As a result, dogs not only learn to obey commands, they become confident, secure, and holistically interactive with their owner.

A 6’ Leather Training Leash and a Martingale (no-slip) Collar are required to be used during our training classes. These may be purchased at a discount in our Emporium while attending any of our Training Classes.

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Training with Boarding/Daycare

  • Board & Train | 2-week:


  • Board & Train | 3-week:


  • Day Board & Train | Single Session:


  • Day Board & Train | 5-pack:


  • Day Board & Train | 10-pack:


  • Daycare & Train | Single Session:


  • Daycare & Train | 5-pack:


  • Daycare & Train | 10-pack:


Training Individual

  • Private Lessons | 30 minutes at center:


  • Private Lessons | 60 minutes at center:


  • Private Lessons | 60 minutes at home:


  • Private Lessons | 120 minutes at home:


  • Private Lessons | 30 minute virtual:


  • Private Lessons | Behavior | 60 minutes | At Center:


  • Private Lessons | Behavior | 60 minutes | At home:


  • Private Training | At Center | 60 minutes each | 4-pack:


  • Private Training | At Center | 60 minutes each | 8-pack:


  • Private Training | At Center | 60 minutes each | 10-pack:


  • Private Training | At Home | 60 minutes each | 4-pack:


  • Private Training | At Home | 60 minutes each | 8-pack:


  • Private Training | At Home | 60 minutes each | 10-pack:


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Training Group

  • Group Classes | Basic Obedience Package:


  • Group Classes | Canine Good Citizen Package:


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