Cat Boarding

Cat ready to pounce on a toy mouse.

Luxury Cat Boarding

Guests are in for quite a treat while vacationing in our Feline Chateau. Guaranteed to be nothing like you have seen.

Lee Mannix – Center for Canine Behavior endorsed the Palace Cattery as the “Top” facility in the U.S. throughout his national speaking tours.

Every effort has been made to ensure our Feline friends will enjoy a stress-free and relaxed atmosphere. The independent ventilation system ensures they are free of canine scents. Recognizing their needs differ from our canine guests, great care was taken to design the Feline Chateau allowing each guest space to retreat in their enclosure eliminating the feeling of being on display. The large climbing/play structure located right in the middle of the room provides not only entertainment but an even greater amount of privacy between each condo. These features have proven to be especially successful for those felines that tend to become stressed when out of their normal environment.

Siamese kitten laying in cat bed.

The Royal Treatment

Every guest receives the “Royal Treatment”. The following amenities are included daily during your pet’s stay:

● Maid service

● Fresh water

● Soothing music

● Climate-controlled room

● Room service

● Of course, TLC!

Our boarding rates follow a typical hotel structure:

● Check-in time is after 1pm Monday through Friday, Saturday 8:30am - 10am or 3:30pm - 5pm, and Sunday between 4pm - 6pm

● Check-out time is before noon Monday through Saturday and 4p - 6pm Sunday. Late departures can be accommodated for with a day fee. For guests with a spa appointment on the departure day, extended stay (departures after 12pm) fees will be waived.

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Upscale Accommodations

We offer 28 condos and 2 Luxury Suites. All options are two levels and feature a private litter box as well as a scratching post for extra enjoyment. Condos have optional access leading to the adjacent unit which is perfect for multiple families when boarding side by side. Luxury Suite Options are extra-spacious condos that easily accommodate a family of 2.

Discounts are available for cats sharing a Luxury Suite, extended stays, and military and senior citizens.

Pricing for Cat Condos: $22/night, Luxury Suites: $27/night

Sleeping cat next to window.


  • Treats

  • Peace of Mind

  • Individual Play

  • Cuddle and Storytime

  • Birthday and Gotcha Day Party

  • Kitty Postcard

  • Shuttle Service


● Cats require the following vaccines: rabies, FVRCP and outdoor cats FELV

● Please do not bring beds with stuffing or bowls. You can bring blankets & sheets

● You may bring up to 3 toys

Pug Puppy Sitting On Bed

Boarding Services

Room Service

Over the years we have come to realize not only from our personal felines but those vacationing with us as well, the term “finicky feline” has a lot of truth in it especially when it comes to their dinner. In order to ensure they eat well while on vacation it is highly recommended that you pack their favorite meal. Should they run out during their stay, we have Fromm kibble that we offer complimentary to our furry felines. We do not provide canned food for guests.


During their vacation, all guests receive housekeeping twice a day allowing open play where they can venture out and romp on the cat furniture while their suite is receiving “maid service”.

Activity Packages

Additional Activity time can be arranged for those interested in extended one-on-one play, special indulgences, or extra time spent climbing.


Pellet litter is provided. If your feline is unfamiliar with the pellet style or has a definite preference for litter, please pack an appropriate supply of litter.